Translation of the debian installer and the instalation guide

Adi Roiban adi at
Thu Mar 25 21:47:21 GMT 2010


As stated on the DebianInstaller wiki page [1] the Launchpad
debian-installer translations are included in Ubuntu ONLY if they are
first included upstream.

This means that Ubuntu translations teams have to manually export the
translations and contact the upstream debian team in order to have them

In Launchpad, we have also the Installation guide translations [2] and I
am not sure if they are used or we should send them upstream. Also I am
not if that guide is in sync with the current Ubuntu changes.

I was thinking that maybe it is better to translate in Launchpad only
Ubuntu specific strings for debian-installer. In this way Ubuntu
translator can focus on Ubuntu specific changes and do all the upstream
translations, upstream.

What do you think?


Adi Roiban

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