Reminders: Ubuntu Translations Hug Day today, UDS Sponsorship Deadline

David Planella david.planella at
Thu Mar 25 09:21:39 GMT 2010

Hi translators,

= Ubuntu Translations Hug Day =

Today is the Ubuntu Translations Hug Day!

We will try to triage, report and fix as many translations bugs as
possible, so please, remember to hang out on #ubuntu-translators and
#ubuntu-bugs and help making Lucid a top notch localized release.

There are several things you can do:

      * Test a localized Ubuntu Lucid system and report any
        translations-related bugs you might find at the Ubuntu
        Translations project in Launchpad [1]
      * Test input methods and report the bugs you might find also at
      * Help triaging the bugs marked as New or Incomplete
      * Navigate the list of currently open bugs [2] and try to fix or
        provide more info on the ones you can
      * Test localized installations on the ISO tracker [3]
      * Talk to developers about the existing translations bugs on IRC
        at #ubuntu-bugs or #ubuntu-devel
      * Be creative! Squeeze those translations bugs in whichever way
        you can think of!

Here's the page the Bugsquad folks have prepared for us, with all the
bugs we are targeting to triage:

You can update the table after you've triaged a bug, or let the hug day
tools do it for you. Here's how to use them:

= UDS Sponsorship Deadline =

Here is a reminder that if you'd like to get sponsorship to the Ubuntu
Developer Summit in Brussels from the 25th - 29th May 2010, you should
file your sponsorship request by tomorrow's deadline, the 26th of March.

I'd really like to see more translation presence there again, so if you
can make it and you want to be sponsored, remember to file your request.
Also remember that even without being sponsored UDS are always awesome
events to hang out with other community members, participate in the
sessions and have a say on how the next Ubuntu is going to be. So if you
can make it to Brussels, I'd love to see you there!

Here's the easy sponsorship process:

and some background info:



David Planella
Ubuntu Translations Coordinator

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