Gnome Power Manager in Lucid

Milo Casagrande milo at
Wed Mar 24 08:15:09 GMT 2010


can't remember if it has been discussed here before, but I also can't
find the discussion, so: gnome-power-manager in Lucid has something
like 30 different strings from the upstream version.

Some of those strings come from the "sleep" instead of "suspend" set
of changes, but other strings have been changed for I actually don't
know why (those strings mainly involved things like from "this
computer" to "the computer", and other small rewordings).

Now, I can't remember when or where this things have been discussed,
but I also can't remember that we have been warned about all of this.

The problem is: are we going to deal with this delta from upstream
from now on, or are those changes going to be pushed upstream? Also,
some of those strings could probably break gnome-power-manager manual,
and if the original manual has been patched accordingly, that means
that all translations are kind of broken.

Any clues?


Milo Casagrande <milo at>

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