ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu: contemplating some string changes

Dylan McCall dylanmccall at gmail.com
Fri Mar 12 23:27:00 GMT 2010

Hi there!

With the redesigned ubiquity-slideshow I blogged about, I received a ton of constructive feedback. It inspired many possible string changes in ubiquity-slideshow's Ubuntu template. With that and some interesting details which have emerged now that the dust around Lucid's new stuff storm has settled, I have an overwhelming urge to modify about 30% of the strings :o

Of course, this is an ugly position, because looking at Rosetta there are a bunch of full translations and some other partial ones that are rather well along, and I do hate to break things. (Honest!)

Would it be okay for the translation effort if I upload the new strings and consider them frozen with documentation freeze on March 25?
There would then be beta 2 and the release candidates for translations to be tested.

A lot of this stuff is about clarification; just small changes. There is the odd addition (eg: Ubuntu One Music Store, useful information in the Empathy slide) which will completely replace old strings. I'm okay to prioritize things and only submit what is really important, but that could take a bit longer to work through (and wouldn't be as attractive in the end).

I realize that having fancy English pales in comparison to having rich translations in a million different languages. So, I want to give everyone a heads up (just so nobody else translates the possibly doomed strings) and be sure this won't cause too much damage.

Dylan McCall

PS: My thought at this point is that it would really make sense for my project, going forwards, to be considered a documentation package as far as string freeze is concerned. Anyone know how I can go about that?

PPS: It occurs to me that we could probably add new translations when the 10.04.1 images are made, too :)
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