How to upload FireFox translation to launchpad?

Gheyret Tohti gheyret at
Sat Jun 12 01:40:25 BST 2010

I downloaded FireFox po file(firefox-3.6_firefox-3.6-ug.po) from Launchpad and translated it to Uyghur(Finished 96%).After translation finished, I Upload translation to Launchpad.
But I get a e-mail from Launchpad like that:
Import problem - Uyghur (ug) - firefox-3.6 in Ubuntu Lucid package "firefox"
We were unable to import the file because of errors in its format:
ug.xpi: File is not a zip file
I also zipped firefox-3.6_firefox-3.6-ug.po to  and upload it but launchpad cannot accept *.zp file.
I attached my translation file
Please help me.
Gheyret T. Kenji2010/06/12

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