Feedback for LP Translations keybindings

Adi Roiban adi at
Tue Jun 8 16:31:43 BST 2010


The following keyboard shortcut were implemented on Launchpad
Translations translation (+translation) page:

First translation field is autofocused.
Shift+Alt+b - Focus first translation field
Shift+Alt+a - First page
Shift+Alt+n - Next page
Shift+Alt+p - Previous page
Shift+Alt+l - Last page
Shift+Alt+s - Save and continue
Shift+Alt+Down - Next field
Shift+Alt+Up - Previous field
Shift+Alt+j - Next field (to work around compiz Shift+Alt+Down)
Shift+Alt+k - Previous field (to work around compiz Shift+Alt+Up)
Shift+Alt+C - Copy original text (both singular and plural)
Shift+Alt+0 - Mark current translation
Shift+Alt+NUMBER - Mark suggestion NUMBER
Shift+Alt+d - Dismiss all suggestions
Shift+Alt+r - Tick "Someone should review this translation"

Below is a list of known problems

1. Overlapping of „Shift+Alt” with Windows change keyboard layout
  Workaround by changing the keybindings for Windows change layout

2. Overlapping of „Shift+Alt” with Firefox menu accelerators
  Workaround by disabling Firefox menu accelerators
(ui.key.menuAccessKey=0 in about:config)

3. The lack of documentation for the keyboard shortcuts
  Can be solved by adding some info into the, but maybe we can find a better way to
inform/remind users about the keyboard shortcuts used on the translation


Can you please test them and report any other unknown problems at: ?

Do you prefer Ctrl+Key shortcuts even if they might overlap with your
browsers actions?

Feel free to suggest any idea for improving the keyboard shortcuts for
the translation page.

I am happy to receive ideas about how to hint/inform users about the
keyboard shortcuts.


Adi Roiban

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