Translations sessions on Ubuntu Developer Week

David Planella david.planella at
Tue Jan 26 08:37:40 GMT 2010

Hi translators,

Just a reminder of this week's Ubuntu Developer Week. As usual, we'll
have translations content, and I'd recommend you to check out the
interesting sessions today and tomorrow:

      * Internationalizing your application with quickly and Launchpad
        (Tue 26th Jan 18:00 UTC, today) - myself and Didier Roche
        (didrocks) will be talking on internationalizing applications
        using Quickly and Launchpad Translations

      * Launchpad Translations under the hood (Wed 27th Jan 17:00 UTC,
        tomorrow) - Adi Roiban and Henning Heggers on the underlying
        structure of Launchpad Translations and how to start hacking

More details, schedule:

I'll see you there!


David Planella
Ubuntu Translations Coordinator

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