Template priorities in Launchpad set up for Karmic

Sveinn í Felli sveinki at nett.is
Fri Jan 22 09:20:45 GMT 2010

Þann fös 22.jan 2010 01:37, Arne Goetje skrifaði:
> Adi Roiban wrote:
>> Right now I don't know exactly how the grouping feature should look like
>> (from UI point of view) and what should be the logic for grouping
>> templates (how can you tell if a template is in Ubuntu and not Kubuntu,
>> beside Ubuntu, Kubuntu, etc... what other groups can we have...)
> If it helps, I can point you to the code which classifies the
> translations into the respective language-packs (gnome, kde, base).
> Cheers
> Arne
I'd like to see classification according to distributed 
media, e.g. Ubuntu-X.xx-Live-CD, Kubuntu-X.xx-Live-CD, 
Ubuntu-X.xx-Server-netinstall, etc.

I think that small translation teams would appreciate such a 
list, so they could focus on finishing a certain product.

Best regards

Sveinn í Felli
Icelandic translator

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