Template priorities in Launchpad set up for Karmic

Adi Roiban adi at roiban.ro
Thu Jan 21 19:52:52 GMT 2010

În data de Jo, 21-01-2010 la 10:36 +0100, David Planella a scris:
> Hi all,
> I'd like to announce that the priorities of translation templates in
> Launchpad have now been set for Karmic according to the classification
> below:
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations/TemplatesPriority#Priority%20policy

Here is my list of templates I think could have their priority

 * gimp* - I think gimp and all its plugins are used by technical person
who know english. I don't see my mother/grandmother using gimp.  

 * compiz-plugins-* , while all the plugins are great, from the point of
view of translations, I think they have little impact on the usability.
The main compiz package could stay as it is enabled by default.

 * not sure about GGZ Gamin Zone template... but maybe people do play a
lot of online games supporting ggz.
  Put them together with ggz-gtk-client

 * tracker - as far as I know it is no longer installed by default

I will move them just above the bulk (around 600) KDE templates.

Here is my list of templates I think could have their priority increades
above the KDE bulk:

* ubuntu-docs - they are installed by default and now they are around
position 800. 
 Except ubuntu-doc-serverguide (not sure if it still maintained)
* cheese
* pidgin, pidgin-libnotify - even if epiphany is the new client, I know
many person still using pidgin
* nautilus-cd-burner - a simple alternative to brasero
* not sure about pessulus and sabayon - they are port of the main Gnome
* pppconfig and pppoeconf - when NetworkManager have problems, this
tools are often used.
* gtk+ gtk+-properties ... don't know why it is at position 1200
* ibus-pinyin ... should this template be near the other ibus stuff?
(Just asking)


This should be a good start :)

Comments, suggestions ?

Adi Roiban

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