Natty Translations Plans III: the Ubuntu Translations Portal

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Wed Dec 22 20:22:20 GMT 2010

Hi translators,

Following the series of blog posts about the Ubuntu Translations plans
for the Natty cycle, this week I’m pleased to report on the Ubuntu
Translations Portal [1], and to announce its initial test deployment.

The idea behind the portal is to aggregate all existing content and to
be the main entry point to the translations community for new
contributors, providing them answers, inspiration and excitement. For
experienced translators it will be a central point for resources and
news about translating Ubuntu.

The main goal for this cycle is the deployment of the portal, with an
official news feed and a planet-like and microblogging feeds, all nicely
wrapped up in an Ubuntu-Light-based theme. I’m happy to report that
we’re doing good progress on this.

So without further ado, here’s a preview of what the portal will look

        The Ubuntu Translations Portal test site

Note that as it stands now, this is very much an alpha deployment on an
external site, for development and testing purposes. As such, you’ll see
that there is not much content, and that that content has been put there
to help with development. You’ll also see that the theme still needs
work in several parts of the site, but the current state will already
give you an idea of the direction the portal is taking.


Do you want to take part in shaping up the Ubuntu Translations portal?

There are many ways in which you can help. Here are just a few:

      * Discuss. Participate in the discussion, ask your questions and
        stay up to date with the latest developments and announcements
        in the portal.
      * Develop. Have you got web development or web design skills? We
        need you! Help us developing the theme and infrastructure for
        the portal.

      * Report. Have you been using the portal and have noticed any bugs
        or anything that needs improvement? Report them as bugs in the
        Ubuntu Translations Portal project in Launchpad.

      * Write. Do you want to submit articles related to translation,
        help with content editing or moderation? Join the Ubuntu
        Translations Portal editors team and put your writing skills to

Other posts in this series:

    * Natty Translations Plans I: Translations Stories [2]
    * Natty Translations Plans II: Translations Training Sessions [3]




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