[Ubuntu-manual] Not happy at all

lafeber-dumoleyn2 lafeber-dumoleyn2 at zonnet.nl
Wed Dec 22 15:44:35 GMT 2010

Op 22-12-10 13:06, c7p schreef:
> Hi Hannie,
> the fact that lp isn't acting as we would like as translators is a 
> known and the only thing we can do is copy n paste the lucid-e1 string 
> to lucid-e2 string and translated the minor change.
> Lp is speciallized for translating software messages/strings not 
> paragraphs of a book and because of that we are trying to find an 
> alternative solution for example a new translation service or platform 
> for the manual editions to come.
> What am proposing you to do is not to translate the lucid-e2, since 
> the changes are minor and i don't think that they worth the effort of 
> retranslating the book again -that's my point of view-.
> I hope we will find the solution soon, if you have to propose a 
> solution or an idea, fire it away!
> Regards
> -John
Hi John,
Thank you so much for your reaction. It really helps.
I do have a suggestion though.
If authors who write new versions only add new strings, and do not add 
minor changes to strings that already exist, our problem is solved. LP 
will transfer all the old strings and their translations, as long as 
they have not changed. There is no problem with new strings, as I 
mentioned before.
As for Lucid-e2, I have no intention of reviewing it in LP as long as 
this problem occurs. But it is a pity for all those people who have 
spent time and effort on translating strings that had already been 
translated and will not be reviewed.
I hope that the Natty version will be based on Lucid-e1 plus ONLY NEW 
LP is not to blame in this. It is quite logical that they only transfer 
translations of identical strings.

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