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Wed Dec 15 23:31:46 GMT 2010

I think so.  

It is not completely automatic though (i think).  I think someone (Adi or 
David?) routinely shifts all existing languages into the new one where they are 
then listed as "suggestions" along with anything from "upstream".  Suggestions 
then need to be ticked and accepted, a process called "review".  

My own feeling about that is to just get through them fast and worry about 
quality in a future release but many more experienced people (almost everyone 
actually) says that quality really needs to be the main aim from the very start 
even if that means some strings go untranslated for a few years.  I have no 
practical experience of translating beyond just doing a few simple strings from 
American into English.

Of course, i could be completely wrong about any or all of this email!  It is 
just my thoughts as an interested 'outsider'
Good luck and many regards from
Tom :)

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as a brand new translation team, we're afraid we're not going to make it for the 
April release of Ubuntu.
Will the system automatically port the strings we translated into the 11.10 
I do think it works like this, but i just need to be sure...

Best regards to everybody,

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