Suggestion: Faster lanugage pack update after final release

Andrej Žnidaršič andrej.znidarsic at
Sun Aug 22 10:18:21 BST 2010

My answers to your questions are:

Things to consider for a schedule:

* How many releases' translations we want to update?

I would say 2-3 translation updates for normal release and 5 for LTS.

* How often do we want to update each release (current stable, old,
Normal release: 2 weeks, 2 motnhs, 8 months after stable release
LTS release: 2 weeks after release and after that in time for every point

* How many teams would be testing the updates?
Slovenian team continiously tests the updates. A couple of translators uses
hence always uses the newset translations, so they test the strings in
programs they commonly use. Testing of other programs depends on team
members' available time / motivation, which can vary.

Additionally in my experience, translations tend to improve with time due to
the nature of work. Bugs, which are fixed, almost never get reintroduced
(very few regressions) because almost nobody goes and makes a translation
bad again. New bugs only appear when new strings are translated.
Translations with small number of minor bugs are in my opinion better then
no translation. Also slovenian team is to small to test all the translations
as they appear inside the programs and without that it's difficult to
translate strings properly, so we just fixed them when we see them.
So update in translation should be an upgrade in quality in 99%+ cases.

* Where could we host a public calendar for the updates?

Maybe it could be written on ubuntu wiki (translation section).
A notice 3 weeks before the string export from launchpad on the translators
mailing list would be a useful reminder.


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