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Sveinn í Felli sveinki at
Thu Aug 12 15:23:11 BST 2010


Þann fim 12.ágú 2010 12:49, skrifaði Paul Tagliamonte:
> Hey Translators,
> Classbot[1] ( The ubuntu-classroom team's bot ) needs to be translated
> into as many languages as we can, so that sessions can be hosted by
> teams that use languages other then English as their primary language.
> It would really be awesome if you guys could help
> Thanks!
> Paul
> [1] :

Excuse me for being boring, but many of the original strings 
are in a sort of juvenile jargon, untranslatable and 
un-understandable for laymen.

'voice/devoice (someone/something) in' ?
'a message to dent' ?

I understand 'dent' as sending a message through the 
'Identi' service, there's also 'tweet' when using Twitter. 
But imagine that we'd use different words for telephoning 
depending on the carrier used (I'm AT&T-ing someone...).

Would it be inconvenient to at least add some context to the 
strings, or even review the original phrases ?

Best regards,

Sveinn í Felli

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