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I would like to add something to the comments made in the previous mail.

Some of the sentences cannot be translated to Dutch because in Dutch the
object cannot be at the end of a sentence.
You are not currently a session leader, so you cannot use

If this were to be changed to:
You are not currently a session leader, so you cannot use %s

It would be translated as:
Omdat u momenteel geen sessie-leider bent kunt u %s niet gebruiken

As it is now I can see no way of translating this so that the final
message comes out right, unless I am misunderstanding the context of
these strings.


Op donderdag 12-08-2010 om 14:23 uur [tijdzone +0000], schreef Sveinn í
> Hi,
> Þann fim 12.ágú 2010 12:49, skrifaði Paul Tagliamonte:
> > Hey Translators,
> >
> > Classbot[1] ( The ubuntu-classroom team's bot ) needs to be translated
> > into as many languages as we can, so that sessions can be hosted by
> > teams that use languages other then English as their primary language.
> >
> > It would really be awesome if you guys could help
> >
> > Thanks!
> > Paul
> >
> > [1] :
> >
> Excuse me for being boring, but many of the original strings 
> are in a sort of juvenile jargon, untranslatable and 
> un-understandable for laymen.
> 'voice/devoice (someone/something) in' ?
> 'a message to dent' ?
> I understand 'dent' as sending a message through the 
> 'Identi' service, there's also 'tweet' when using Twitter. 
> But imagine that we'd use different words for telephoning 
> depending on the carrier used (I'm AT&T-ing someone...).
> Would it be inconvenient to at least add some context to the 
> strings, or even review the original phrases ?
> Best regards,
> Sveinn í Felli

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