Reminder: Translations meeting in a few hours today

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Thu Apr 22 12:25:34 BST 2010

El dt 20 de 04 de 2010 a les 20:42 +0200, en/na David Planella va
> Hi all,
> I know everyone is busy getting their translations ready for the
> langpack deadline, but UDS is also round the corner and I'd like to
> start discussing the translations sessions, so that we can start
> scheduling them.
> Therefore, I'd like to propose the next Ubuntu Translations meeting on:
>       * WHAT: Ubuntu Translations Meeting
>       * WHEN: Thursday, 22nd Apr, 15:00 UTC
>       * WHERE: #ubuntu-meeting IRC channel on Freenode
> As I say, the main topic I'd like to discuss are the UDS sessions. I've
> gone ahead and have created a wiki page to add proposals for sessions,
> as we did for Lucid:
> So I'd encourage everyone who'd like to see something discussed at UDS
> to add session proposals there, which we can discuss at the meeting to
> come up with a good list. Even if you cannot make it to UDS, please feel
> free to add sessions there. If you cannot make it to the meeting on
> Thursday, you can also start a discussion on this thread.
> You'll see that on the current list there are some links to blueprints
> already. I did that for the ones I considered most important for now.
> Feel free to just add session proposals now and to take care of the
> blueprint later. 
> If you've got any questions, just ask as usual!
> Regards,
> David.

Hi all,

Here's a reminder of the Ubuntu Translations meeting in a few hours:

      * WHAT: Ubuntu Translations Meeting
      * WHEN: Thursday, 22nd Apr, 15:00 UTC
      * WHERE: #ubuntu-meeting IRC channel on Freenode

The main topic will be the translation sessions at UDS, so I'd like to
ask all of you who'll be at UDS to attend the meeting if you can make
it, so we can discuss the sessions and you can propose new ones if you'd
like to. If you can't make it, don't worry, you can still read the logs,
discuss further on this thread or have a quick chat on

Thanks, and I'll see you there! 


David Planella
Ubuntu Translations Coordinator

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