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Tom Davies tomdavies04 at
Fri Apr 9 16:50:40 BST 2010


Are there any Tamil or Hindi speakers that have time to try to help in Answers Section?

question is asked in English but the person would understand answers in
Tamil or Hindi much more easily. It seems that we are trying to explain
something very basic to us linux users but it is a concept that is very
difficult for Windows users to understand.

is trying to install some Windows accountancy software into linux.
Obviously "GnuCash" is worth trying instead but here is the link to the
software he is trying
I couldn't find any user-forums there.

I also tried looking up the software in Wine
but couldn't find anything relevant in there either.

Please post answers directly into the thread at
if you know enough Tamil or Hindi and have enough time to spare on this 1 person

Many thanks and regards from
Tom :)

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