Paraphrasing "Social from the Start" for translators

Fumihito YOSHIDA hito at
Thu Apr 8 15:53:01 BST 2010

Hi helpful friends,

     Thank you for your helping. I decide Japanese translations:
     (In this place, we can connect to each other)

     In Japanese, "this place" mean "this place" and "start point".
This translation has not same face of "Social from the Start", but
I believe that these two phrase have same philosophy.

     For clarification, I expose my conception process about
this issue(sorry for my Eng*r*ish ;)).

"Social " is :
 - not only social network (and related softwares).
    (but included social network services, such as facebook,
     digg, twitter and more, with gwibber and any other
 - not only community(but included).
 - not only linking.
 - not only public.


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