Proposed Documentation String Freeze break - Ubuntu One, Icons

Matthew East mdke at
Wed Apr 7 22:04:35 BST 2010

2010/4/7 David Planella <david.planella at>:
> Ah, sorry, that's probably my fault for having used the same numbering.
> I was actually referring to:
>>             1. ubuntu-docs upload with changes, translation templates
>>                are updated in Launchpad [Docs team]
> Meaning the post-release update with the music store additions (not the
> recent Ubuntu One and Evolution fixes). I just wanted to say that the
> templates could be uploaded as soon as possible manually without the
> need of a full package upload.

Ok, thanks for clarifying. Yes, obviously that can and should be done
promptly. But it can't be done prior to the last export of
translations before Lucid's release. In any event the key is to ensure
that the translators have enough time, and I'm flexible about that.

Matthew East
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