Paraphrasing "Social from the Start" for translators

Fumihito YOSHIDA hito at
Wed Apr 7 17:44:46 BST 2010

Hi translators,

     I need your helps, at translating "Social from the Start".

     IMH English knowledge, "social" and "from the Start" have many
many sense in English, literal translation can't cut through.

     We(Japanese translators) keep trying to translating, but we feel weird.
"Social from the Start" is important symbol of 10.04/10.10 releases,  this
profession in English is powerful and appeal to the all person. But Japanese
translated words does not  symbolic.

     Yes, that is inveteracy gap in translating works. (including my
limitations;) )
IMHO, this problem is not only Japanese, many non-English languages have
same problem.

     So, dear *native English translators*, I need your power!

     "Social from the start" is highly important, please tell us (non-English
translators) *your* synonymous words of  "Social from the Start"s.
English = English paraphrasing can provide great help for translating.


David Planella, thank you for response in another thread, Im fueled
by your kind words.

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