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Wed Apr 7 09:38:30 BST 2010

El dc 07 de 04 de 2010 a les 09:02 +0100, en/na Matthew East va
> Hi David,
> 2010/4/7 David Planella <david.planella at>:
> > However, if I understand it correctly, one of the changes (the Ubuntu
> > One one) is needed to correct a description which is wrong in the
> > original English, so even if breaking translations, I think it makes
> > sense to apply the change. I believe there is no point in having a wrong
> > description with wrong translations.
> >
> > As for the other one (icons), it seems to me that it does not affect
> > translations.
> >
> > Therefore, if it's like this I would not have any objections to the
> > changes.
> Thanks - I'll go ahead with this one, and the one which Adi has
> pointed out in relation to Evolution.
> >> > As a suggestion: wouldn't it be possible to have an updated ubuntu-doc
> >> > package like 7-15 days after the release date? I know this is not
> >> > optimal, but in this way translators will have enough time to finish
> >> > up the new strings.
> >>
> >> I don't have a problem with this.
> >>
> >
> > I too would favour this if the docs team could do it.
> We can do it. However, in the light of the other comments, what I'd
> propose to do is as follows:
> 1. Fix the broken Ubuntu One and Evolution menu entries now and import
> the pot file asap, but *not* add the new material about Ubuntu Music
> Store
> 2. Make an upload prior to release with as many translations as possible
> 3. Include the additional Ubuntu Music Store material and possibly
> some other fixes like adding some documentation for Ubuntu One after
> release, leaving translators a few weeks to concentrate on these
> strings, then make a further upload some time towards the end of May,
> or early June.
> Thoughts?

Thanks Matthew, sounds good to me. A couple of comments:

      * I was asking for comments from translators on the other thread.
        Translators: in order not to have separate lines of
        conversation, let's abandon the other thread and please add your
        thoughts here.
      * I'm actually not too sure about the date yet. Of the ones you
        are proposing, I'd perhaps favour early June, as thinking about
        it, May tends to be the time for release parties.
      * As I was mentioning before, Ubuntu Docs are now part of the
        language packs, so I'd like to just write down a reminder of how
        the whole process should work post-release, so that both
        documenters and translators are aware.
             1. ubuntu-docs upload with changes, translation templates
                are updated in Launchpad [Docs team]
             2. Translation period [Ubuntu translators]
             3. Translations exported from Launchpad and integrated into
                the package, translated documents are built [Docs team]
             4. Translations are tested for syntax errors [Docs team,
                Ubuntu Translators]
             5. ubuntu-docs upload with translations [Docs team]
             6. The translated XML files remain in Launchpad [Soyuz
                strips them out]
             7. The translated XML files are exported automatically in
                the translations tarballs, along with the PO files for
                all applications and Firefox translations [automatic,
                cron job on Launchpad]
             8. The translations tarballs are used as the source for
                language packs, language packs are built on the langpack
                PPA [langpack-o-matic]
             9. Once built, the language packs from the PPA are copied
                to lucid-proposed [semi-manual step, Arne or I ask
                Martin Pitt to do the copy]
            10. Translation teams test the language packs in
                lucid-proposed [Ubuntu Translators]
            11. Language packs containing the translations for the
                applications and the docs are uploaded to lucid-updates
                [semi-manual step, Arne or I ask Martin to do the
      * I'd ask the docs team only to make the minimal necessary
        changes. I believe the main point is to make it possible to have
        the extra content translated. If there are many other changes,
        translators might have more additional work and might not be
        able to complete translations in the extended period.

I think we should:

      * Set a date for 3.
      * If possible, I'd recommend doing 1. as soon as possible, so that
        translators can start translating the new strings sooner than
        later. If the changes are already in a branch, it's possible to
        manually upload the templates in Launchpad without having to
        wait for a full package upload. Any member from the Ubuntu
        Translations Coordinators team can do it.


David Planella
Ubuntu Translations Coordinator

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