Proposed Documentation String Freeze break - Ubuntu One, Icons

Matthew East mdke at
Wed Apr 7 09:02:11 BST 2010

Hi David,

2010/4/7 David Planella <david.planella at>:
> However, if I understand it correctly, one of the changes (the Ubuntu
> One one) is needed to correct a description which is wrong in the
> original English, so even if breaking translations, I think it makes
> sense to apply the change. I believe there is no point in having a wrong
> description with wrong translations.
> As for the other one (icons), it seems to me that it does not affect
> translations.
> Therefore, if it's like this I would not have any objections to the
> changes.

Thanks - I'll go ahead with this one, and the one which Adi has
pointed out in relation to Evolution.

>> > As a suggestion: wouldn't it be possible to have an updated ubuntu-doc
>> > package like 7-15 days after the release date? I know this is not
>> > optimal, but in this way translators will have enough time to finish
>> > up the new strings.
>> I don't have a problem with this.
> I too would favour this if the docs team could do it.

We can do it. However, in the light of the other comments, what I'd
propose to do is as follows:

1. Fix the broken Ubuntu One and Evolution menu entries now and import
the pot file asap, but *not* add the new material about Ubuntu Music
2. Make an upload prior to release with as many translations as possible
3. Include the additional Ubuntu Music Store material and possibly
some other fixes like adding some documentation for Ubuntu One after
release, leaving translators a few weeks to concentrate on these
strings, then make a further upload some time towards the end of May,
or early June.


Matthew East
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