Jaunty language pack updates

Ricardo Pérez López ricardo at ubuntu.com
Wed Sep 9 09:14:30 BST 2009

El mié, 09-09-2009 a las 10:01 +0200, Martin Pitt escribió:
> Hello Milo,
> Milo Casagrande [2009-09-09  9:36 +0200]:
> > Tested Italian langpack, works fine for me, no regressions noted.
> grazie!
> > Hope it's still possible to include it.
> Copied to -updates.
> For the next round, do we have a better method of tracking tests? Wiki
> page or so?

Martin, Spanish (es) is tested, too. I notified it on Monday. Did you
noticed that, in order to get Spanish langpacks copied to updates?

Thanks in advance,


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