"Upgrading Ubuntu to version 9.10" untranslated and missing for translation

Daniel Nylander po at danielnylander.se
Tue Oct 27 20:42:51 GMT 2009

sön 2009-10-25 klockan 12:58 +0100 skrev David Planella:

> I have noticed that too, and I remember either having seen another
> report or someone else commenting on this. Could you please report it as
> a bug against update-manager and the ubuntu-translations project [1], so
> we can keep track of it and see how this can be addressed (checking that
> no one else has already reported it, if possible)?

I actually filed a bug report on this a long time ago. It was closed as
invalid (hrrrf).

update-manager needs to have a string for the UPCOMING release also, not
just the current one. This will be shown when upgrading a RC/beta to a
stable release.



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