New templates of ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu get imported

Gabor Kelemen kelemeng at
Thu Oct 15 19:30:57 BST 2009

Dylan McCall írta:
> Thanks for the message, Aron! Be aware that the content is pretty
> similar to what it is before, so if we run against the deadline it
> should be possible to move the translations to the new msgids.
Excuse me, but what similar strings are you talking about? For example:

old strings[1]:
Make memories crystal clear by adjusting the colour, removing red-eye or 
adding effects.
Find a picture in seconds with tagging and timelines.
Import files from your phone and export them to Flickr.
F-Spot makes it easy to display, organise, edit and share all your photos.
Relive Memories with F-Spot Photo Manager

new strings[2]:
Organize, enjoy, and share your photos
With <em>F-Spot Photo Manager</em>, it is really easy to share, touch-up 
and organize digital photos.
Use tags to describe your photos. Later on, you can use the tags to find 
a particular one.
Use the Export option to write your photos to CDs, email them to friends 
or share them online.
To get started, choose F-Spot from the Graphics Applications menu or 
attach a digital camera and follow the prompts.

Pretty similar, huh? Moving the translations? I'd call this a complete 
The strings are similarly non-similar for accessibility, evolution, 
openoffice (I only checked these)!

> Thanks for all the hard work, and I'm sorry about the last minute
> shake-ups. If I meet any of you in person, remind me I owe you a
> drink :)
This will be remembered. :P
> PS: Yep, string freeze was approved. Don't worry about the livecd
> translations freeze.
So, what's the new deadline then?

And please, if some languages can't update the translations, do them a 
favor and don't try to merge the translations of 'similar' strings. Thanks.

Gabor Kelemen


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