Firefox 3.5 still in English instead of Spanish

Ricardo Pérez López ricardo at
Tue Oct 13 23:11:10 BST 2009

My full-updated Spanish Karmic still shows Firefox 3.5 in English.

When I click on Tools->Add-ons->Languages I see the following:

   Firefox (es) 3.5.2
   Not compatible with 3.5.3

   Xulrunner (es)
   Not compatible with 3.5.3

... and so on.

Seems like language-pack-es is using an old Spanish translation version
(3.5.2) against the newer Firefox 3.5.3 supplied by Ubuntu.

The Spanish (Spain) and Spanish (Argentina) translations for Firefox
3.5.3 are currently available, as you can see in the Firefox download

Please, upgrade the Firefox 3.5 Spanish translation before Karmic



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