Xubuntu How to Submit Our XFCE Translations?

Adi Roiban adi at roiban.ro
Fri May 15 10:51:08 BST 2009

Hi Noumaan,

As far as I know many of the Xubuntu packages are in Ubuntu universe

In Launchpad Translations we now have only packages from main.

The only option for updating the translations is to update the source

For testing, you can replace the required .mo on your own system.


În data de Vi, 15-05-2009 la 09:08 +0600, Noumaan Yaqoob a scris:
> I am sure so many people have asked  this question here before, but
> since I couldn't figure it out so here I am. We just finished
> translating XFCE. We have submitted it to the XFCE but we want to see
> it in Jaunty so that we can test our translations in Xubuntu and
> figure out how to improve the over all language support so that
> translations fit perfectly.
> But we can't figure out how we can submit our translations to
> launchpad? for example there is a template
> libexo I can find this package in launchpad but I can not find a
> translation template for it.
> Numaan
Adi Roiban

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