Reorganizing u/k/x/buntu docs translations

Adi Roiban adi at
Wed May 6 11:06:33 BST 2009

În data de Ma, 05-05-2009 la 08:33 +0100, Matthew East a scris:
> While the reprioritising sounds sensible, I'm not convinced about the
> renaming idea.
Even if reprirotisin is sensible, at least we can talk about that and
see what other think about it.

> It would mean that the template name will depart from the name of the
> document, and as Milo pointed out, it will be longer.
There is enough space in Rosetta... I don't think we should worry about long names.

> Is there a genuine confusion that renaming the templates would
> resolve? Isn't it enough that the templates are contained in different
> source packages which show the name of the flavour that they belong to
> clearly? (ubuntu-docs/add-applications, kubuntu-docs/add-applications,
> etc)
In the Ubuntu templates listing from Rosetta, you can not see the source
package, unless you access the template.

Translators will see "add-applications" followed by another link with
the same name, and only ofter accessing each link they could tell if the
first "add-applications" link is for Ubuntu or for Kubuntu.

>From my experience working with the  Romanian translation team, I can
say that translators don't care to much about URL, rather they read the
page content.

> If the problem is that Launchpad presents the name of the template in
> its list of available translations so that the same template name
> appears more than once, that is a bug in Launchpad, in my opinion,
> because template names across different source packages can very
> easily repeat themselves more than once. It would be more sensible for
> Launchpad to present a list of translatable packages, not templates.

It may be a Launchpad problem, but we all know that Rosetta team is very
busy. For now, I prefer to see how we can work around Rosetta's

Before continuing I think we should hear some thoughts from Kubuntu,
Xubuntu and Edubuntu docs maintainers to confirm if this problem is
valid or not.

Adi Roiban

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