Reorganizing u/k/x/buntu docs translations

Milo Casagrande milo at
Mon May 4 22:16:57 BST 2009

Hi Adi,

Il giorno lun, 04/05/2009 alle 19.07 +0300, Adi Roiban ha scritto:
> To improve the current state I think we should make 2 changes:
> 1 - Change templates priority for u/k/x/edu/buntu docs groups.
> For example
>  ubuntu-docs 110, 
>  kubuntu-docs 109,
>  xubuntu-docs 108,
>  edubuntu-docs 107

Doing this, what will be the visible result in Launchpad? That all
packages that belongs to one template will be kind of "sorted" together?

> 2 - Rename templates to include the docs groups
> For example:
>  add-applications -> ubuntu-doc-add-applications
>  add-applications -> kubuntu-doc-add-applications

Personally I would do only one of the two things, but the only reason
for not renaming is for the long name that will result. So... it's not
very strong...

Another thing to note is that packages are in some way or another
already "sorted" and "grouped":

It's not very visible and direct from the UI though...


Milo Casagrande <milo at>
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