Reorganizing u/k/x/buntu docs translations

Adi Roiban adi at
Mon May 4 17:07:48 BST 2009


I have imported the remaining games and hardware templates from

I was thinking that we can improve the way we handle ubuntu docs
translations for the Ubuntu Karmic release.

Right now all u/k/x/edu/buntu-docs have the same priority in Rosetta.

Maybe this is a good setting, but it leads to a lot of confusion.

There is no way to group ubuntu-docs or kubuntu-docs, as they are now

For example on the Ubuntu Romanian page [1] I see 3 templates named
"add-applications" and there are many other duplicate templates names.

Even thou they have the same name, they are not the same template.
For example, for new translators working on translating xubuntu-docs,
finding all xubuntu docs templates is a big challenge.
I know that we have a page listing all templates for xubuntu docs, but
that page is not easy to reach for new translators.

To improve the current state I think we should make 2 changes:
1 - Change templates priority for u/k/x/edu/buntu docs groups.
For example
 ubuntu-docs 110, 
 kubuntu-docs 109,
 xubuntu-docs 108,
 edubuntu-docs 107

2 - Rename templates to include the docs groups
For example:
 add-applications -> ubuntu-doc-add-applications
 add-applications -> kubuntu-doc-add-applications

Renaming or changing the priority number will not change the way
ubuntu-docs packages are generated.
It's just the presentations layer for the translations.

If you think these changes will improve the u/k/x/edu/buntu docs
translations process, I am ready to make them happen :)

What do you think ? Will those changes help translators in dealing with



Adi Roiban

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