cups and cupsys confusion

Arne Goetje arne.goetje at
Mon Mar 30 04:00:14 BST 2009

Adi Roiban wrote:
> It looks like we have 2 templates for the same thing cups and cupsys:
> It looks like the "cupsys" package is no longer used in Jaunty.
> I took a  quick look at lang-pack and I could not see the file .
> Anyway, I think that all translations made in cupsys should be migrated
> to cups.
> We can ask someone else to do the migration or we can migrate the
> translation ourselves.


The members of the Ubuntu Translation Coordinators team (you are now one
of them), can do the migration.

For this, because the template and translations in 'cups' are newer than
the ones in 'cupsys', we export everything from the 'cups' package,
disable and rename the template in the 'cups' package, move the old
cupsys package over to 'cups' and import everyting again into the "new"
(former 'cupsys') cups package.

Confused? :)

The steps to do, are the following:

1. export all translations, including template from the 'cups' template
in the 'cups' package.
2. as soon as you downloaded the tarball, rename the 'cups' template in
the 'cups' package to 'cups-obsolete' (and domain 'cups_obsolete').
Uncheck the "Allow translations" and "Export into language-packs"
checkboxes. You can do all this in the "Administer" screen of the
template. The renaming of the template should actually not be necessary,
but due to a bug it currently is necessary.
3. In the 'cups' template of the 'cupsys' package, go to the
"Administer" screen and rename the "Source package" from 'cupsys' to 'cups'.
4. the downloaded tarball contains the .pot and .po files. Unfortunately
 the exported data from Launchpad cannot be imported easily, because the
import script cannot parse the format. There is a bug open about this.
You can either upload the unmodified tarball and then will have to
approve every single file (.pot and .po) manually, or you can repack the
tarball and then upload it into Rosetta again.
I suggest the latter until the bug is fixed. A recognized format should
be: $domain.pot and $langcode.po, all in one directory per .pot template.
5. Upload the new tarball into the already moved 'cups' template in the
'cups package.
6. Watch the import queue for that template, if the template and .po
files get auto-approved or not. If not, you need to do it manually.
7. If you should need to approve .po files manually, don't forget to
make sure the "Language" dropdown box in the approval form fits the
language of the .po file.

I'll leave this one to you as an exercise. ;)
If you get stuck, ask me.


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