Translations for "Search" button

Dominique Pelle dominique.pelle at
Wed Mar 18 06:53:58 GMT 2009

Adi Roiban wrote:

> Hi, I have updated and uploaded the POT file containing the "Search"
> string.
> The 9.04 start page in not available yet, but if you want to know where
> those strings are located on the page (and what do they mean) you can
> use the 8.10 start page
> For the future I will try to generate the start page for all languages
> with 100% translations so that we could test the start page.
> Timo, is this OK ? Or do you see that we need to do something else in
> order to assure a nice translation of the start page?


If I set up Firefox to use French, then I see the page  in French (good) but the Search
button is is still in English  (Search == Rechercher)

If I set up Firefox to use esperanto, then the page is entirely
in English, even though I submitted all translations in esperanto.

What is missing to have the page in Esperanto available?
([en] Search == [eo] Serĉi)



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