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Adi Roiban adi at
Sat Mar 14 00:01:14 GMT 2009

În data de Sb, 14-03-2009 la 00:36 +0200, Timo Jyrinki a scris:
> 2009/3/13 Adi Roiban <adi at>:
> > Instead of parsing a bugreport by hand and extract the information I was
> > thingking it would be much easier if we could create a POT file
> > containing all the string from the page, put it somewere in Launchpad
> > and link the bug to that template.
> There are such plans already, and something was done for 8.10 too, the
> problem is to get a suitable HTML -> POT -> PO -> HTML conversion
> loop. See

So we have a POT file but it's not complete and translations are not

We will need the source code also copied on Launchpad.

I don't think we need html2po for replacing 5 string. A simple sh script
based on sed could do the job.

I will look a the code from here and will try to come
with a simple solution.

Maybe I'm underestimating the problem but at the first look, translating
a 5 string page should not be such a big problem to require backup
solutions and it is better do a good job in the first place.

Matthew, can we have the translations for the start page opened for
Ubuntu Translators , a POT including "Search" and the code on Bazaar?
I will come up with a script for doing the internationalization for the

Cheers and thanks for all your effort!
Adi Roiban

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