Alternate view to Ubuntu translations templates

Adi Roiban adi at
Sun Mar 1 18:35:18 GMT 2009


I have created an alternate view to the list of translations templates
for Ubuntu Jaunty in Launchpad.

You can find it here, for a couple of languages:

Here is the Romanian view:

If you would like to use this view for you language, please let me know
and I will add it. I will try to update it daily.
Each language takes about 2 minutes and I don't want to add all
languages available in Ubuntu, but which will not be accessed.

I know that in a couple of weeks there will be an discussion inside the
Launchpad developers group about improving the user interface. My
attempt is to offer a quick solution, until this will be fixed in LP.

Basically you could do a complete sort on the packages list and filter
them by template name or by upstream project group.

The upstream project associations is somehow fuzzy and done by parsing
the uptream project status pages. Maybe for GNOME and XFCE this will
work, but I know there is a bit of a mess in the KDE part. My assumption
was the all Ubuntu KDE packages are from KDE 4 trunk, and I know I am
wrong :). 

I'm also doing some manual matching here:

The code is here:

Any feedback or questions is welcomed!

Adi Roiban

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