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> Hung. NGUYEN Manh wrote:
> > As you may know, FF 3.5 is going to be released very soon. At the
> > same time, it will include the first official Vietnamese version.
> > However, on Launchpad, some guys have already translated the
> > "firefox-3.0" package for Jaunty. So:
> > 
> > 1) When FF 3.5 is out, will Canonical retrieve the official
> > translations or will they use the existing LP translations for the
> > upcoming Karmic?
> We use the official Mozilla translations for both, Firefox-3.0 and 3.5.
> Those two versions will co-exist in LP and the language-packs.
> The Firefox and Xulrunner translations, which only exist in LP, are not
> used, unless they have been completed, reviewed, approved and
> whitelisted. Hence the vi translations for Firefox-3.0 and Xulrunner-1.9
> in LP are not used.
> > 2) If it is the former, will Canonical do that automatically, or
> > should I file a bug or notify someone? (Do they have an automatic
> > script which detects if new localized versions are available, or is
> > there some person who will manually watch all the time?)
> I will import those XPIs manually whenever a new Mozilla release comes
> out. For this I download all XPIs from upstream and batch-upload them
> into LP. I get a note whenever a new minor release gets uploaded into
> ubuntu and then pull the XPIs from upstream.
> > 3) Because of limited resources, we don't want people to step on foot
> > of one another. The Mozilla-vi team also don't use .po files for
> > translating. So, at least for FF, may we ask to disable the "firefox"
> > package for vi on LP?
> > 
> > Or... could you just please advise us the best way to do?
> Unfortunately we don't have any possibility to block selected templates
> for selected languages. Therefor for Firefox and Xulrunner, we use a
> blacklist and a whitelist. Per default, all languages for which we have
> upstream XPI files get whitelisted, all others get blacklisted.
> Maybe Alexander can explain the manual process of whitelisting
> additional languages.

Thank you for clearing up many of our concerns.

And yes, could you please tell us more about these blacklist/whitelist stuffs? Because we have linked the ubuntu-l10n-vi team with the Vietnamese Translators Guidelines
to notify everyone about that, but there may be people who will not
read it and just proceed to translate the downstream packages. Moreover, the GNOME-vi coordinator has recently joined us. So we want to be
sure that, when there are already upstream projects for the Ubuntu distribution packages:
a) Only translations from upstream projects should be used.
b) Translations for the downstream packages on LP should never be used.

> So, if you want to provide official translations also for
> Firefox-3.0/Xulrunner-1.9, the Mozilla-vi team would need to produce a
> official XPI, then we can import that one for Karmic. Otherwise only the
> official 3.5 XPI will be available for Vietnamese.
Yes, before Karmic release, the MOST project will also need a FF-vi 3.0 version in 8.04.3 and for our Jaunty LiveCD built with Ubuntu Customization Kit (UCK). And well, we don't really have an official 3.0 XPI, but on Mozilla we still have one constantly synced with the official 3.5 XPI.

So, do you think that 3.0 XPI is fine?

Thanks :)

> Hope that helps :)
> Cheers
> Arne
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