Survey of l10n team communication tools

Sasa Tekovic sale at
Fri Jul 17 23:28:25 BST 2009


My name is Sasa Tekovic and I'm coordinator of the Croatian Ubuntu Translators.
Even though our team is not very big, we are communicating in lot of
ways. We use forum [1], IRC channel [2] and mailing list [3]. For
storing useful information, we use our wiki [4], which is in some
occasions used for communication too.
For informing other members of the community about translation
progress and attracting new translators, we use our website [5]

Translation related discussions on our forum are fairly minimal, which
is a shame because we have a lot of active users there. Nevertheless,
for bigger and more important discussions we use our mailing list, and
for smaller, less important things we use IRC channel.

[2] #ubuntu-hr on freenode

Best regards,
Sasa Tekovic

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