Survey of l10n team communication tools

Milo Casagrande milo at
Thu Jul 16 19:39:53 BST 2009


2009/7/16 Evan R. Murphy <evanrmurphy at>:
> In the IRC meeting today, one topic discussed was the ways that
> localization teams manage their communication. Could a representative
> from each l10n team please reply to this thread explaining briefly (or
> not so briefly, if you like ;) how your team keeps in touch?

for the Italian team we rely on our mailing list as the primary
communication channel. We have an IRC channel too, but it's almost

We store information of our team, guidelines, and how to join the team
and mailing list in our wiki.

We have also a small place on the Italian forum where for each release
we set up a "discussion" that users can use to tell us about typos,
errors or untranslated strings they see. We do this because of the big
users base our forum has.


Milo Casagrande <milo at>

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