errors in PO files from Ubuntu

Daniel Nylander po at
Fri Jan 23 00:12:42 GMT 2009

ons 2009-01-21 klockan 15:36 +0200 skrev Adi Roiban:
> Hi,
> I have updated the Hardy and Intrepid language-packs errors status.

There are some strings in ksim that can't be corrected.

For example:

Original string: 

"The text in the edit box will be what is displayed as 
the uptime except the % items will be replaced with 
the legend"

Translated string (Swedish in this case):

"Texten i redigeringsrutan är det som visas
som upptid, utom att % poster ersätts med

It seems that gettext reads the next character after the %, %i in this
case, which doesn't match %p in the translated string.

What shall we do about this issues?


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