How to revert to upstream translations

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Tue Jan 20 09:11:04 GMT 2009

On 18/01/09 21:45, Milo Casagrande wrote:
> I just quote from last Danilo message regarding this aspect:
> The original thread is here:

Thank you Milo for pointing that out in this context. Danilo gave some
good examples on how things work now and I hope all read it.

As for the current thread, let me add a few clarifications:

- "Packaged" means "imported from upstream" and has nothing to do with
language packs. I hope that this misunderstanding is not too common. If
you select a "packaged" version of a translation, you are reverting it
to the translation that was provided from upstream.

- As Danilo describes, translations imported from upstream only
overwrite those made in Launchpad if this is the first translation
upstream provides (as of December). In the case of updated translations
from upstream, they do *not* overwrite changes made in Launchpad. The
intended use is to be able to override upstream translations for Ubuntu
or to quickly fix errors in the upstream translation. We assume, as
Danilo describes, that the overridden translations are discussed with
the upstream project and that fixes are provided back to upstream so
that on the next import from upstream those messages match the ones made
in Launchpad.

- Please re-think the phrase "Launchpad does this, Launchpad does that".
Launchpad is a tool, the translations are done by dedicated translators,
they are the "doers" and they are trying their best. I know at least for
the German team (and I guess that others are the same) that they have a
policy not to touch upstream translations unless there is a good reason
for that. Translators wanting to translate an application into a new
language are pointed to the upstream project to do that work. Also,
translations are not "open" for Ubuntu, meaning that not anybody can
change translations from upstream, they need approval from regular team
members first who watch that their policies are met.

- I am currently working on two implementations that will help with
these issues:
Both are scheduled to be in the new release next week.


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