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Adi Roiban adi at
Wed Jan 7 23:13:00 GMT 2009


Recently (or not so recent) we (a group of people :) have started the
Launchpad Translators translation group.

It started from the observation Ubuntu Translation Group is assigned to
many projects, other than Ubuntu specific one. Other project were not
willing to assing theirs translations to Ubuntu Translators Group only
due to it's name and close relations to Ubuntu.

The new Launchpad Translators Group wants to be a non distribution
specific translation group so that any project in Launchpad could assing
it translation to this group.

Right now Ubuntu Translators Group is the biggest, most active, most
prolific and most well known translation group from Launchpad and from
many aspects Ubuntu Translators Group is THE Launchpad translation
groups but in order to maintain it's neutrality we have started the
Launchpad Translators Group.

For the beginning we hope to add to Launchpad Translators Group all
Ubuntu Translation teams but also other translation teams that in order
to be able to  translate for their language were not happy to be a
subteam of a Ubuntu Tranlation team.

Launchpad Translation teams should work very closely with Ubuntu
Translation teams in order to share the best available knowledge.

At the wiki page below I have started a page describing the Launchpad

If you have time and are willing to contribute please add comment or
improve the page. After this page is ready we should use this
information for improving Ubuntu Translations teams.

For the moment there is no mailinglist for Launchpad Translators and we
will the Ubuntu translators mailinglist as right now all members of
Launchpad translators are also members of Ubuntu translators.

Feel free to discuss here any comments or suggestions regarding
Launchpad Translators group!

Kindest regards,
Adi Roiban

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