Jaunty language pack updates

henning at ubuntu.com henning at ubuntu.com
Mon Feb 16 08:49:44 UTC 2009

Hi Kamil!

On 13/02/09 20:01, Kamil Páral wrote:
> So I wonder how it is possible that in Jaunty the 
> last version of Czech language pack is from 25th October 2008 [1]? That 
> means that the translations in Jaunty were not updated since Intrepid 
> release(!).
We have only last week started to generate Jaunty language packs.
Unfortunately the first attempts failed due to memory consumption and we
are trying to find out why that is happening. Jeroen managed to build
one now off the staging database and I am sure Arne will make that
available soon.

> My question is simple - am I doing something wrong? Or, how do you guys 
> manage to translate Ubuntu without seeing your changes being applied 
> (every few weeks)? Where is the problem, that Jaunty languages are not 
> regularly updated?
To test translations you can always download them from Launchpad
Translations for individual packages and languages. Since language packs
are generated from there, this is what you will get in a language pack.


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