Translations with bad formatting strings now disabled

Jeroen Vermeulen jtv at
Wed Feb 4 14:21:00 UTC 2009

Adi Roiban wrote:

> I would be happy if you could run the script on the read-only copy.

I had already done it.  The hard part was getting from a list of 
database row ids to useful human-readable information.  This is all done 
directly on the database after running the main script which is 
optimized to get the job done, not for producing pretty output.

I'm attaching a list of gettext errors for Jaunty only.  It lists the 
source packages and translation domains (roughly, template name) and the 
affected translations.

Since there were so many, I did not bother listing the text and errors 
for each.  Instead, I just show a count of errors found in the 
"imported" (presumably from upstream) versions of these files. 
Interested translation teams can then run msgfmt -c on them to find and 
fix the actual errors.

Many of the errors suggest that msgids had been incorrectly marked as 
format strings.  In those cases, the solution is probably to remove the 
flag for that msgid in the template.

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