Considerations about official localized editions of Live CDs

Aron Xu happyaron.xu at
Sat Dec 19 04:18:30 GMT 2009

We have our LoCo site translated including download instructions, but
very few people pay attention their. For the main,
providing different languages is a good idea, but who should we ask?

As for making CDs, it isn't a very tall order for some experienced
users, I have stated in this thread before that there are many teams
and individuals making their editions, some of them are not doing a
good work and cause a lot of problems, it's really a mess at least in
our country. You may heard about the very beginning state of Linux
usage in China, LUGs even don't have that power to let everybody know
about what does LUG exactly mean, and I think local community is a
form of LUG. If the LoCo push out a distro and brand it as "Ubuntu
China Community Edition", most people will think it is just another
customized edition and have nothing different. Many people are just
about to try out Linux, they choose Ubuntu for easy to use, and they
want a fully localized one so more than half of them are likely to
choose a LiveCD with full localization, but once they think it sucks
(usually happen when they try a bad customized edition, or find our
official edition doesn't fully translated at his first glance), they
will give up possibly.

I believe other languages can have some similar situation and have the
same requirement to a official made localized LiveCD on its image
server or other way they are easy to confirm, don't desire that
everybody can look at our web site or do some search to find out
things on Wiki, it is an Ad for community edition, but at most time
only little amount of people can see them.

Aron Xu

On Fri, Dec 18, 2009 at 11:28 PM, Adi Roiban <adi at> wrote:
> În data de Vi, 18-12-2009 la 22:39 +0800, JimHu a scris:
>> What I think it will be great is that we can have an offical localized
>> LiveCD at least for CJK users, not the way to solve those localize
>> problem in the LiveCD session we already have now.
> I encourage local communities to create their own LiveCD and host them
> on their local website.
> For people without basic knowledge of english, browsing is
> not necessary an easy task... so the website or download instructions
> should also be provided in different languages.
> I tried to followed the documentation from LiveCDCustomization wiki
> page, and everything was smooth.
> I asked some community members to test the image and then hosted the
> image on .
> It would be nice to have the image already created by someone else, but
> I think this is something a community can do.
> Maybe we can have a session about LiveCD customization during the next
> Ubuntu Developers Week (or maybe we already did, I did not checked the
> schedule).
> Also maybe we should seek ways in which we can encourage local
> communities to create and support localized editions of Live CDs.
> Cheers,
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> Adi Roiban
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