Considerations about official localized editions of Live CDs

JimHu jimhuyiwei at
Fri Dec 18 13:15:26 GMT 2009

> I love this idea!
> It will be a considerable amount of overhead for canonical
> to get (
> EVEN ) more CDs, but it would be a great step to a truly
> global
> operating system.

Totally agree with you.  CJK users can only do very little daily jobs with LiveCD.  They can't type their own language, so that they can't search the Internet looking for infomation, using OOo to edit documents, or chat with freinds in their native languages.

And CJK are so different as those Latin based language, it's quite hard for these users to learn English, especially Chinese users.  LiveCD session is useless to those who don't know English well, thus marketing and promotion are quite poor in such area.

I know openSUSE has it own offical Asian LiveCD.  Why can't we?
It's not a hard job or impossible mission,  and more than 130 million people can get benifit from it. :-)

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