Translations meeting tomorrow

David Planella david.planella at
Wed Aug 12 15:19:08 BST 2009

Hi translators,

For tomorrow's meeting we've got two items deferred from previous ones:

      * Promoting and using the Ubuntu Translations project
              * Continued from previous meeting:
              * How to raise awareness of the purpose and usage of the
                project (to developers, bug triagers, bug reporters)
              * How to best integrate its usage to the bug triaging
      * Disabling Hebrew CLI translations
              * Hebrew translators want to disable their translations
                (other RTL languages' translators have either said they
                don't want to or they haven't expressed any complaints)
              * We've got a preliminary list of apps at
              * What options we've got for disabling them
              * How do we proceed

Especially for the second point, will anyone from the Hebrew team be
able to attend to discuss it?

Not many people were able to make it to the last meeting, nor have been
new topics added recently. Therefore, I'd like to ask you guys: would
you prefer having the meetings at another time? Or less frequently (e.g.

The reason I picked up 15:00 UTC was because it was the time which
worked best to have all the Launchpad Translations devs and Arne in
there as well (we are all in different time zones), but if there is a
better time that suits the community, I'd rather have the meetings at
that time.

So, let me know what you think. Would you like to have the meeting
tomorrow as scheduled?



Note: remember you can always review the notes of the previous meetings
here -> (either through
the calendar or through the subpages listed underneath)

David Planella
Ubuntu Translations Coordinator

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