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Tue Apr 7 02:17:56 BST 2009

2009/4/6 Evan Murphy <evanrmurphy at>:
> String 6, template "jockey", package "jockey"
> String 7, template "jockey", package "jockey"

Hi Evan, the Jockey package source code is maintained outside of
Ubuntu and can be looked at I recommend
you send an email to the maintainer, and kindly explain the situation
so that he can remedy it.

> String 83, template "libkpgp", package "kdepim"

The package libkpgp is part of the kdepim package, which is part of
the upstream KDE project. I poked around and found out that the
Spanish version for libkpgp is already 100% translated upstream
( and there
should not be a need for you to translate it again for Ubuntu.
However, and this is only my opinion, it would be best for you to get
in touch with the KDE Spanish team and report the issue there for the
same reason I've already mentioned. Please, do feel free to ask me
more information on how to do this. :)

Og B. Maciel

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