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2009/4/6 Oleg Koptev <koptev.oleg at>

> 2009/4/6 Evan Murphy <evanrmurphy at>
>> I'm glad someone brought this up. We have the same issue in Spanish
>> translations.
>> Yesterday, for instance, I ran into a string that simply read "Disabled".
>> That's fine in English, but without reference to the context--specifically
>> whether it's a singular or plural noun being disabled ("desactivad*o*" or
>> "desactivad*os*"), and then whether that noun in Spanish is masculine or
>> feminine ("desactivad*o*(s)" or "desactivad*a*(s)")--selecting any one of
>> the four is just a gamble.
>> If there's any way for this context to be readily available to the
>> translators (and maybe there already is one that I'm just ignorant about) it
>> would certainly be helpful.
> So, how about listing the name of the packages/applications you're
> seeing these strings so that we can focus in:
> * Figuring out if the problem exists in upstream source, and if so...
> * File bugs where is appropriate and submit patches;
> * Get the developer/maintainer's input and hopefully resolve it for good

Three examples from the Spanish Jaunty translations:

String 6, template "jockey", package
String 7, template "jockey", package
String 83, template "libkpgp", package

Evan Murphy
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