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2009/4/6 Oleg Koptev <koptev.oleg at>

> Hello all!
> Want to appeal to all those, who responsible for upload translation
> templates onto Rosetta.
> I understand, that this mail list not the best place for yell to
> developers, but imho better doesn't exist.
> The cause of problem is in the poor comment for translators in items, where
> are only adjectives placed.
> And the problem itself is that adjectives in English doesn't have gender,
> in contradistinction to e.g. Russian.
> For example 'tall guy' in english is 'высокИЙ парень' in russian, but 'tall
> girl' is 'высокАЯ девушка'.
> As you see, ending of adjectives is different, depends on gender of noun.
> For example - *
> *In this string there are only adjectives and no comments at all about
> what it's adjectives about.
> So, I ask all who can contribute for better commenting of similar strings
> do that.
> Best wishes to all!
> --
> C уважением, Коптев Олег
> With respect,  Oleg Koptev
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I'm glad someone brought this up. We have the same issue in Spanish

Yesterday, for instance, I ran into a string that simply read "Disabled".
That's fine in English, but without reference to the context--specifically
whether it's a singular or plural noun being disabled ("desactivad*o*" or
"desactivad*os*"), and then whether that noun in Spanish is masculine or
feminine ("desactivado(s)" or "desactivad*a*(s)")--selecting any one of the
four is just a gamble.

If there's any way for this context to be readily available to the
translators (and maybe there already is one that I'm just ignorant about) it
would certainly be helpful.

Evan Murphy
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