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Sun Apr 5 19:04:01 UTC 2009

2009/4/3 Milo Casagrande <milo at casagrande.name>

> Hi,
> while looking at all the translatable packages in Launchpad my eyes got
> caught by some KDE packages that are without translations or with
> translations half done.
> Nothing new for a translation team, but the problem is that I and nobody
> in the Italian team that are KDE upstream translators know if those
> packages are coming from upstream, if they are coming from upstream but
> have been modified for Kubuntu or are Kubuntu specific.
> The one that really caught my eyes, and when I raised this issue, is
> system-config-printer-kde. I manually re-imported it because I knew it
> was fully translated upstream, but like for many other languages it is
> not.
> I'm linking some of those packages here:
> - system-config-printer-kde http://is.gd/qz6T
> - plasma-engine-systemmonitor http://is.gd/qztj
> - plasma-applet-networkmanager http://is.gd/qzua
> - plasma-applet-networkmanagement http://is.gd/qzzC
> - kpackagekit http://is.gd/qzBN (there is an upstream version of this
> package, but I can't find translations in it)
> - and others...
> Is there a way to find out if packages like those are not coming from
> upstream or if they have been customized for Kubuntu? Who should I / we
> contact?
> Looking at the Overview page of one package sometimes you may guess if
> it's coming from upstream or not... but it's not the best way to look
> into it...
> Other translators know something more?
> Any help to cast some light here would be appreciate.
> Cheers.
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I've heard a comment or two made before about how KDE translations are a
special case for the Spanish team, but unfortunately I know nothing beyond
that. (Maybe Ricardo or another member more knowledgeable on the subject
could clarify?)

Evan Murphy
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