Description mistake in musicvideophotos section (ubuntu-doc)?

Artur Szymanski arteek at
Sat Apr 4 09:31:54 BST 2009

--------Oryginal Message---------:
> Hi,
> During translation of musicvideophotos template in ubuntu-doc package 
> (jaunty) I found incorrect description of photoprint appliaction 
> (Section 3.4.2 Advanced Photo Printing). Please look at the Point 3 that 
> says "To change the amount of spacing between photos, change the 
> Horizontal and Vertical settings under Gutters". I can't see such 
> options in the photoprint (0.3.9), but instead I found Gap options under 
> Layout, where I can set a free space between photos.
> Should I report a bug againts ubuntu-doc?

I've filled the bug report (see I 
checked other translations and it looks like all of them referred to 
incorrect English description.

Best Regards,

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